Note: I am not currently consulting due to my full-time role as CEO of Global Witness in London.

From 2010-2015, I specialized in providing strategic consulting to progressive non-profits, foundations, films and businesses. As a long-time social justice leader in the non-profit sector, I am uniquely positioned to support organizations through periods of growth, change and transition.  I strive to bring honesty, fresh insight, energy, responsiveness, strategic smarts, operational know-how, integrity, and emotional intelligence to my work.

By way of example, I have:

  • Helped lead strategic planning and all-staff retreats for many global non-profit organizations;
  • Coached Executive Directors through all aspects of start-up operations;
  • Guided two long-time colleagues at a small, community based organization through a process of repairing their working relationship;
  • Designed a philanthropic strategy on global legal reform efforts;
  • Served as Producer and Engagement Manager for a documentary on money in politics that premiered at Sundance;
  • Designed an outreach campaign and recruited distribution partners for a short film aimed at helping end child slavery in the rug industry;
  • Performed an independent SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis for an NGO to set the stage for long term planning work; and
  • Completed comprehensive 360 performance evaluations for Executive Directors on behalf of their Boards.

Here is what my clients have to say:

“Gillian Caldwell is truly a rare talent.  Her background, smarts, problem-solving skills, commitment to excellence, and, most of all, her understanding of people, makes her a major value-add in a number of leadership situations.  Most people with such a big brain and depth of experience have trouble truly being in service of others.  But Gillian thrives — leading with not only a big brain, but a big heart and commitment to helping leaders and organizations fulfill their mission and potential.”

-James Rucker, Chair and Co-Founder of Color of Change


“Gillian worked with the Center for Community Change for over a year in many capacities – helping design and manage our process of strategic planning and organizational change, helping conceptualize and co-facilitate all-staff retreats, and evaluating our operations team and guiding them to craft a vision for a new approach to their work.  She is a quick study, a skilled facilitator with the added and unique bonus of strategic insight and experience to offer, and she has keen intuitive abilities that are critical to shepherding processes of transformation in organizational cultures. She undoubtedly helped us go further and faster than we would have without her.”

-Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director, Center for Community Change


“Gillian’s extensive and successful track record as a social entrepreneur and NGO leader gives her a unique position from which to give strategic direction and practical implementing guidance to any organization ready to grow to the next level and achieve lasting social impact.”

– Nina Smith, Executive Director, Goodweave


“Gillian is a dynamo. Her strategic smarts, political saavy, thoroughness and resourcefulness make her a fabulous collaborator and co-conspirator.”

-Tia Lessin, Academy Award Nominated Director of Trouble the Water


“Gillian is unique in that she possesses unbelievably varied skill sets. Bertha Philanthropies asked her to work on a strategy to launch the Bertha Foundation’s work on legal reform. Being an attorney herself and a long-time social justice advocate worldwide, she was the ideal candidate to take that on. With her laser beam focus combined with an ability to see the big picture, you can be sure she will deliver a product of the highest quality.”

– Rebecca Lichtenfeld, Bertha Philanthropies UK


“Gillian embodies the term ‘high performer’. I’ve worked with few others who can simultaneously manage and drive a strategic vision as well as the details of execution. Gillian’s pursuit of excellence is contagious and ignites every team I’ve seen her lead to achieve bigger goals and better results. Gillian is a true partner who knows how to get her hands dirty and stand on the front lines with you if necessary.” 

-Michael Silberman, Director, Mobilisation Lab, Greenpeace