“Gillian is one of those rare people who can hold forth big vision for the world and also make sure the work happens. A visionary and a planner. A strategist and manager. It’s a rare combination, and I learned a tremendous amount from working with her.” 

-Natalie Foster, Co-Founder and Former Executive Director, Rebuild the Dream


“Gillian has a great deal of credibility as a consultant because she’s led highly successful organizations. She has a broad toolkit, and the personal experience to know when to use what approach; she helped us choose from a range of possible tools and approaches to the strategic planning we engaged her for. I found Gillian particularly sensitive to and enlightened on the human side of change: she intuitively understands that the work we do is hard and complicated and that planning of any kind often comes on top of existing commitments and a full schedule. She helped us anticipate and navigate obstacles, and served as a thoughtful coach for me.  I really enjoyed the work we did together; Gillian has a great sense of humor, a palpable sense of commitment, vast stores of energy and the smarts to make these characteristics useful to others. Gillian’s work was invaluable in getting Verité to a place of alignment and transparency beyond any we’d achieved yet.”

-Dan Viederman, CEO, Verité 


After stepping down from my third consecutive Executive Directorship in September of 2007, I had the honor of working with over 40 non-profits, foundations, companies and the White House. I supported teams through strategic planning, SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis, retreat design and facilitation, transformational change, leadership transitions, organizational development and reorganization, and individualized coaching.

I made a deliberate choice to begin consulting after over 15 years in leadership because I wanted to focus my energy at a strategic level and to be sure that my skills and experience benefit the social justice sector more broadly. I also knew from engaging consultants myself that too often, consultants lack the real world experience and strategic insights that evolve from having managed all aspects of organizational growth.  I have had a breadth of exposure across issue areas and global contexts that gives me a unique perch from which to support and catalyze growth and change at organizations poised to leverage greater impact.

I am fortunate to have an entirely referral-based business. My own process of consideration as to whether or not to take on new work includes my passion for their mission, my sense of the possibilities inherent in working with my client-collaborators, my ability to deliver quality support, and the likely impact of my engagement.  In the event that I don’t have the bandwidth to take on new work at the time you reach me, or that I don’t feel your project is a good match for my skills and experience, I will do my best to identify someone else who can help you.

While I generally prefer to work independently with clients and am always the key point of contact throughout my engagements, I do have a roster of associates that I collaborate with, to increase capacity or to address any budget constraints my clients may be facing.

I have a sliding scale for my fees based on client budgets, and I work on the basis of fixed price contracts or retainers once we co-define our scope of work.


“Gillian is a force of nature. She facilitated our organization’s 5 year strategic planning and organizational restructuring process across four offices and also met a tight deadline to prepare corporate accountability video and training materials for campaigners and lawyers. Her vision, intuition and ability to stimulate energy and creativity were important for us.”

Daniel King, Mekong Legal Director, EarthRights International


“Gillian’s professional experience and expertise enables her to focus both on the inside and outside of our organization. Her feedback and advice is candid, supportive, and always on point. Her contributions have been invaluable.”

Molly Murphy, Interim Co-Director, Working Films


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